Bob Pennington Rhizome ImagesĀ® is a unique collection of royalty-free, rights-managed, and fine art images that serve as an image resource for the world of business, sustainable, and green technologies. An exclusive catalog that captures the artistry of photographer Robert J. Pennington, Rhizome Images offers a visual perspective of the positive, negative, and alternative aspects of the environment. An on-going project, Rhizome Images is continually updated to reflect the ever-changing green environment and new photographs are added to the site on a regular basis. We invite you to check back often to explore new galleries or call us directly at 206-856-3671 if there is something special you wish to see.

A Collaborative Effort

Rhizome Images is the artistic collaboration of photographer, Robert J. Pennington and his wife, creative director Jen Pennington. A team that has spent years working together in marketing communications, Rhizome Images represents their mutual commitment to supporting eco-friendly and sustainable businesses practices. An image archive that reflects the duos combined love and respect for striking images that capture the imagination; the beauty of a great shot; and their collective command of designer aesthetics, Rhizome Images is a unique resource for designers, marketers, and lovers of fine art.

Rhizome Images is a dba for Rhizome Design, a creative integrated marketing firm in Seattle, WA focused on working with socially responsible and eco-friendly businesses. Rhizome Images is proud member of the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS).

Photographer, Robert J. Pennington

Robert J. PenningtonRobert J. Pennington’s artisan style and deep technical knowledge of conventional and digital imaging drives the high quality of this collection of images. From his early days at the University of Utah, his appreciation for landscapes converged with his geographical explorations of the West. His most recent passion however focuses on sustainable environments, concepts, and alternative forms of energy and transportation. With his Powerscapes Collection he captures the emerging views of power and industry planted firmly within the landscape. Some green, some in transition, and some not so green at all. Taking things a step further, his environmental panoramas and 360-degree imaging bring the viewer into these remarkable vistas. Look for his panoramic galleries to come in Fall 2008.

Bob is a Seattle-based photographer who is a member of A.S.M.P.’s Seattle Chapter. Find out more about his client work at www.rpenn.com or visit his most recent gallery work at: www.ecozome.com.

He is most notorious for driving his wife, Jen, nuts as he goes deep into back country areas and tries to call her, leaving cryptic, non-coherent messages about where he is.

Photo Editor, Jen Pennington

Robert J. PenningtonAs owner and creative director of Rhizome Design, Inc., Jen brings a unique perspective to the photo-editing arena. Trained as a fine artist and a graphic designer, Jen’s work reflects her keen appreciation of both disciplines. Her ability to push the creative envelope, and see photography as an emotive experience reflects her conviction that marketing is an art form as well as a business process.

Jen has also led seminars for Hewlett Packard’s printer development teams and the Washington State Public Relations Association. A guest lecturer on art processes for multimedia conferences and a contributor to the University of Washington School of Business outreach programs, her eclectic pre-Rhizome portfolio includes work for Columbia-Tri-Star, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Microsoft Corporation, and The Metropolitan Opera House. She is also active in working with socially responsible and environmentally-friendly businesses. She sits on the leadership board for NBIS (Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability)

Jen earned her BFA with Honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. As a fine artist, she has produced and designed professional stage productions for New York’s off-Broadway theater and received the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority’s “Art for Transit” program grant. Her sculptures and drawings have been exhibited in galleries in NY and LA and are held in private collections throughout the US and Europe.

Jen is also an endless fountain of ideas for what Bob needs to photograph should he ever run out.

About the Author

Jen Pennington is the owner of Rhizome Design & Rhizome Images and the editor of Ecozome Journal. Together with her husband Bob Pennington, the couple travels the West in search of stories on sustainability, energy, green building and the environment.