Healing Hands

Joseph Hunton, LMP and Hellerworker

A good massage or meaningful physical therapy can make a world of difference for people living with pain. We had the opportunity to shadow our favorite Hellerworker, Joseph Hunton as he worked his techniques on two models. (Not a bad gig for the model for by the way). Photographer Bob Pennington who is usually a client of Joseph’s got the chance to literally turn the tables on him and spent a day shooting in his studio. Joseph is known for his great work with athletes, repetitive strain injuries, people with chronic pain and the likes of the rest of us who don’t do enough to take care of our bodies. What would we do without him?

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About Jen Pennington

Jen Pennington is the owner of Rhizome Design & Rhizome Images and the editor of Ecozome Journal. Together with her husband Bob Pennington, the couple travels the West in search of stories on sustainability, energy, green building and the environment.