The Beauty of Recycling

Seeing stacks of like objects together has a certain allure. Seeing stacks of items being recycled reminds us that the allure of shiny objects has its price. There’s a certain beauty in the colorings of discarded items, and the idea that these items can be recycled seems to give them that last bit of luster before they become something else. A reminder that everything has a lifespan and even objects can be reincarnated into other usable items. We had the opportunity to shoot some of these items in various locations and I can never get enough of seeing piles of shiny and sometimes not so shiny objects contained in an orderly fashion. Enjoy the show! See the rest of the recycling images in our collection.

About Jen Pennington

Jen Pennington is the owner of Rhizome Design & Rhizome Images and the editor of Ecozome Journal. Together with her husband Bob Pennington, the couple travels the West in search of stories on sustainability, energy, green building and the environment.